Virus Removal

Virus Removal Denver

Looking for an IT company with a great track record for successful virus removal?

When virus protection and prevention fails, let us help you remove the virus, mitigate any damages, and develop a comprehensive prevention plan so that there won't be a next time. Colbatech Solutions has seen a huge variety of computer viruses over the years and has an excellent track record for identifying and removing them.

Viruses can be tricky because they can lay dormant until a specific date in time, cause issues which appear to be hardware related, and actively evade antivirus software.

We use a variety of special tools and techniques to identify and root-up viruses. Through identification, we are able to tell you what data may have been compromised and provide you with the proper steps to mitigate or prevent data theft moving forward.

You Could Have a Virus If

  • If your computer is running slow, randomly rebooting or locking up

  • An application keeps crashing, is slow or won't start

  • Your Computer Won't Start-up Properly

  • You start receiving update notifications from programs you don't recognize

  • You start receiving error messages that you haven't seen before

  • Your email contacts start complaining about getting spam from your email address

Don't panic if any of the above apply to you or someone in your company. These symptoms can be caused by plenty of other things. We'll help you identify and fix the root cause, whether it's a virus or not.

Call us now so we can set your mind at ease and help you to prevent or mitigate further damage caused by a potential viruses. In most cases we can perform virus removal remotely. This allows us to respond quicker so we can set your mind at ease faster. If your particular situation requires an on-site visit, we are happy to accommodate this as well.