Virus Protection

A combination of education and technology is what creates a comprehensive virus protection strategy.

Colbatech Solutions can help you setup a comprehensive strategy to protect your organization from viruses. Antivirus software is just part of this strategy because it is not guaranteed to block all viruses. The best protection against viruses is the know-how to prevent a virus from infecting your company's computers in the first place. We can provide the right education to owners and staff members so they know how to avoid computer viral infections. In addition we can assist with all the technical aspects of setting up antivirus solutions. A combination of education and technology is what creates a comprehensive virus protection strategy.

Three Ways To Avoid Getting A Virus

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Are you concerned about what your employees could accidentally do to compromise important company information?

Antivirus software is a must, but prevention is the best medicine. No virus protection software can stop all viruses from infecting your computer. Here are a few ways to avoid getting a virus:

  1. Use the Google Chrome browser. Chrome features a sandbox which creates a containment area for viruses that might try to find their way onto your computer through the web browser. The sandbox is always on and no special configuration is needed.

  2. Use an email scanner that checks the email before it gets on your computer. Spam filtering services also scan emails for viruses before they end up in your inbox. This is especially important if your company has its own email server.

  3. Always download software from the source. Never download software through the website of a 3rd party. Always download directly from the company that created the software. For example, only download Adobe Reader from Adobe's website. Only download video players, DVD burning software, and PDF converters from the developer's website and only if you can verify that it's a legitimate piece of software that others are successfully using.

These three items by themselves will not always prevent you from getting a virus, but will start you down the path of virus free computing.

How do Viruses Find Their Way In?

Virus Protection Denver

Would you like to know how to prevent viruses from infecting your company computers?

Here are a few ways viruses infect computers. These are not the only gateways to infection, but being aware of these three things will make a big difference.

  1. The most common way we've seen an infection occur is through an internet download initiated through a web browser. Someone looking for a free video player or pdf editor clicks on a download link. They run the download and it opens a package with a nasty surprise inside.

  2. An email is received and it looks like it's from a legitimate source like USPS, Verizon, or Microsoft. The email is opened and embedded code in the email runs a malicious script which infects the computer. More commonly, the email has an attachment that executes a virus when opened.

  3. A website is opened and that site runs a malicious script in the background. This malicious script causes damage to the operating system or initiates a download which in turn causes the infection.

What do all of the above have in common? They are all preventable.

Call Colbatech Solutions today to build your organization's comprehensive virus protection strategy. We'll determine the biggest potential threats to your organization's IT systems. From here we'll implement an on-going strategy with the purpose of protecting your data, productivity, and peace of mind.