Server Maintenance

Colbatech Solutions provides a variety of solutions surrounding Microsoft Windows Server. We are highly experienced and certified in planning, implementing, managing and maintaining Windows Server environments ranging from 2003 to 2012.

Whether you are having technical issues surrounding Windows Server or you don't know if Windows Server is right for your environment, we can get you the answers and results that you desire.

Is Your Windows Server Experiencing Technical Issues?

Here are some signs that Windows Server needs attention:

  • Your staff members are unable to login to their computers

  • Some or all of your staff members are unable to access the internet

  • You're unable to access internal resources like files, databases, email, billing or work order software

Windows Server Maintenance

Your Windows Server is the heart of your IT infrastructure. When a Windows Server issue occurs it can be a huge hit to productivity. Let us monitor your Windows Server to catch potential issues right away. We'll also run regular maintenance tasks, monitor server backups, and prevent costly downtime.

When Is Windows Server Right For Your Organization?

Server Maintenance Denver

Looking for a simpler way to manage access to your company's data and stay on-top of security?

Typically companies with 5 or more PCs can start to benefit from Windows Server. The more computers in an organization, the more the management burden increases. In a nutshell, Windows Server centralizes administration to reduce the need to walk around to each computer when widespread changes are needed. It also creates a greater level of security by centralizing control over user accounts and permissions. If an employee is terminated, their login can be immediately disabled from one location. Disabling it from this one location will disable their access to email, files, and other services. Without Windows Server, each one of these services needs to be visited independently just to cut off access for single user. Having Windows Server decreases the number of checklist items needed to bring on new employees, fire employees, and make technical changes that affect multiple users or computers. If your organization has 5 or more computers or is expanding, please give us a call to see if Windows Server is right for you.

Windows Server, A New Revenue Stream for Your Business

With Windows Server you have the tools to generate a new revenue stream for your business while creating a higher level of service for your customers.

Accounting firms, book-keepers and many other businesses require a two-way sharing of information. For example, accountants and book-keepers need to view and make changes to customers' books and those customers need to make changes that can be shared with the accountant or book-keeper. It can be a hassle to work around your client's technical issues and schedules to get to the information you need. Why not bring it all in-house? Clients would then log into your server to access and change their information. You wouldn't have to worry about their technical issues and schedules anymore. You wouldn't have to potentially wait until after-hours to access the information you need to help them. In summary, with Windows Server you have the tools to generate a new revenue stream for your business while creating a higher level of service for your customers.

Cutting Down on Your Energy Bill

If you have more than one server, let us see if there are opportunities to consolidate hardware. Less hardware means less energy, less heat, less space, and less cost for future upgrades.

Whether you are looking for fast help or have questions about Windows Server, give us a call. We'll be more than happy to assist you with any of your Windows Server needs.