Online Backup

Online Backup Denver

If you worry about natural disasters, look no further than online backup to protect your data.

Colbatech Solutions can help you find the right online backup solution or troubleshoot your existing backup.

Many times when people think about online backup they think about cloud backup. Cloud backup is an easy way to get started backing up your company's important data with minimal upfront cost.

Ideal Scenarios for Using Online Backup

  • Companies without a centralized office can greatly benefit from the simplicity that online backup provides.

  • Online backup is a great supplement to an in-office backup. It creates a redundant backup that protects your company from office-wide disasters.

  • When you have data on company laptops that are frequently travelling and infrequently in the office, online backup is the only way to ensure this data is getting backed up.

Online Backup isn't Just the Cloud

Companies can actually create their own online backup. Storage devices can be kept at branch offices or the business owner's home. Every night changes to the data are replicated over the internet to the off-site storage device. The backups are encrypted so that your data won't be viewed by unwanted eyes. The nice thing about this solution is that you own the software and the hardware so you don't need to pay monthly fees to a cloud backup provider.

Is Online Backup Safe?

If your company works with sensitive or proprietary data, online back is safe. Online backups can be encrypted by the owner of the data to insure nobody can see view the data unless you want them to. The encryption is such that if the encryption key is forgotten there is absolutely no way to recover the data. Only those that know the password will have access to that data.

If you have questions about online backup or any aspect of your backup strategy give us a call today. Backup is an extremely important aspect of business continuity which cannot be stressed enough. Don't wait until you lose data to start thinking about protecting it.