Network Services

Colbatech Solutions provides network services in Denver and surrounding areas. Our network services provide beginning to end support for running low-voltage cable, installing equipment, and optimizing the hardware and software that connect your company with the resources it needs to operate. We also troubleshoot issues that arise with pre-existing installations.

Colbatech Provides network services from cabling to fixing internet connection issues. We can provide a very comprehensive service surrounding almost any network related situation.

When Do you Need Network Services?

Network Services Denver

Do you need to decongest your data?

  • When one or more computers inside your company are having trouble connecting to the internet.

  • When remote workers cannot connect to the services they need to get their work done.

  • When connectivity to important services is slow or intermittent.

  • When computers are having issues connecting to internal resources such as databases, email, accounting software or other important services used to run the business.

When Might You Want To Consider Network Services?

  • When running new cable or troubleshooting cabling issues that are causing connectivity issues

  • When determining if your company is getting the best cost and features for your internet and telephony needs

  • When you're interested in analyzing the security of your local area network

  • When you're interested in analyzing the security of your wireless networks

  • When there is a reason to setup a new wireless network, router, firewall or switch

Here's how our network services saved one of our customers $350 per month

Our services free up our clients for other important and time saving projects

One of our customers, who provides property management services in Denver, had two different internet circuits. A cable service (fast and cheap) and a T1 services (slow and expensive). Cable was used for almost all internet related functions of the company. The only person that used the T1 was the accountant. The only time the accountant used the T1 was when accessing into the company's cloud-based billing software. For some reason the connection to the accounting software would be slow and unreliable when using cable. Many times the connection would get dropped, causing a frustrating situation. The accountant would use cable when they wanted to access company files and print to the company printer. They would then switch back to the T1 circuit when they needed to use the billing software. As you might imagine, this was a burden, an extra cost, and a distraction during the work-day. Colbatech Solutions determined that the issue was not at all with the cable circuit but was an internal network services issue. Colbatech Solutions found and replaced bad equipment and wiring inside of the company's premises. From the time this was done, our client has not reported any issues with their billing software while using cable. They were able to get rid of the T1 circuit and save $350 per month. This quickly paid for the cost of our services and freed them up for other important and time saving projects.

A Few Simple Ways To Improve Your Network Today

  • Improve your network by testing the health of cables. Replace any cables that are bad.

  • Label wall plates to understand where cables begin and end. This greatly reduces the complexity of troubleshooting cabling related issues.

  • Improve speed and functionality by reviewing the age of network equipment and the benefits provided by newer equipment.

  • Make sure your wireless network is secure by using high-end encryption, turning off unneeded features or features with known security flaws. Replace any weak passwords with strong passwords.

Call Colbatech Solutions today to see how we can help improve your network services through analysis, recommendations, and value driven actions.