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Managed Services Denver

Peace of Mind
Let us worry about your computers so you can focus on more important things

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste waiting for computers and office hardware to boot, load content, send emails or backup priceless business information? Depending on how long you and your employees wait, you could be losing precious billable hours that add up to entire days lost each year!

Colbatech Solutions knows that an efficient workplace doesn't just save money - it lowers stress and frustrations for business owners, managers and employees. That's why we offer managed services in Denver, Colorado that routinely monitor and repair your company's computer hardware and software to ensure the best possible conditions.

How Managed Services in Denver Benefit Companies Everywhere

Managed Services Denver

How many days per year of productivity is your company losing staring at the spinning wheel? Reclaim your time with Colbatech's managed services plan.

Computers are heavily relied upon machines that need regular maintenance, too! Just like vehicles and tools, computers can't perform their best if they are never upgraded, repaired or provided with the best possible software and hardware.

Colbatech Solution's managed services in Denver provides real-time computer monitoring and maintenance to ensure these tools stay in tip-top shape. We offer a proactive approach to caring for your hardware, as well as repair broken or outdated equipment within warranty.

Our managed services have multiple benefits:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency from routine maintenance

  • Early warning system provided by monitoring that can prevent more severe problems

  • Easier budgeting for equipment repairs, costs and upgrades - you'll no longer be faced with upgrading, repairing or replacing all hardware at one time

Colbatech's Approach to Managed Services in Denver

With our managed services plans we are monitoring and maintaining your computers real-time all the time while keeping you aware of imminent issues, threats, or upgrades to start budgeting for.

Colbatech Solutions has a three-tiered approach to managed services:

Analysis: Our flat-rate analysis of your current IT systems allows us to determine your existing infrastructure and needed improvements. Our findings and recommendations are delivered in detail, explaining urgent and priority maintenance while outlining cost. It is important to us that you fully understand the status of your current system before moving forward.

Implementation: Colbatech Solutions takes your input seriously. With our analysis and your feedback, we create a plan for your computer issues and worries. Our emphasis on customer service means we aim to get the job right the first time, with no headaches for you.

Maintenance: To keep your new hardware or recently serviced technology in peak shape, we proactively monitor for out-of-date antivirus software, viruses and malware, failed backups, hard drive failures, overheated servers and hardware, unpatched systems and other issues that impact your office's productivity.

Cost Schedule Computer Maintenance
One-time setup $60.00 per computer
$36.50 per computer
$57.50 per server

Are Managed Services Right for Me?

Managed services can be a great benefit if your company has regular issues with failed backups, limited storage space, overheating hardware and servers, and issues with spam, viruses and malware. Let us become your one-stop shop for all the IT services your company needs, while keeping an eye out for potential issues specific to your hardware and software setup. Interested in learning more about our managed services? Contact us to find out more.