Local Area Network

Colbatech Solutions provides Local Area Network (LAN) services in Denver and surrounding areas.

Colbatech Solutions can troubleshoot any local area network related issue. We can identify and repair cabling issues, issues with individual resources and services, network equipment issues, and software issues that cause LAN related connectivity problems.

When Do I Need Help Fixing My LAN?

Local Area Network Denver

Local area networks are the backbone of your computer infrastructure. Keep your LAN healthy to keep your business productive

LANs provide the internal back-bone of a company's computer communication infrastructure.

A LAN includes low-voltage cabling, network equipment and connections that tie all the computers together and connect these computers with the internal resources of a company.

These resources include billing software, file sharing, internal company websites, company-wide instant messaging, and any other IT related services your company uses internally.

The way you know when you have a local area network issue is when more company computers cannot access one or more internal resources.

A failed piece of the LAN can affect the ability for staff to login to their computers, access accounting software, important files, and other programs.

How We Can Help You

When it comes to LANs here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Identify and repair issues preventing you from getting work done

  • Assist with purchasing proper equipment

  • Identify choke points to increase network speeds

  • Monitor the health and up-time of key network equipment

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Colbatech prides itself in providing pro-active services. When it comes to LANs we keep the problems away by:

Reviewing the age, configuration and productivity of network equipment. We recommend upgrades for slow equipment or equipment which is not providing the most productive set of features.

Colbatech prides itself in providing pro-active services. When it comes to LANs we keep the problems away. We think about the future.

Checking the health of cabling and replacing any bad cables.

Cleaning up messy cabling.

Labelling all network jacks in network closets and in walls. This goes a long-way in troubleshooting network issues.

Reviewing antivirus software installed on company computers which may affect proper traffic flow.

Experience Makes the Difference

Our experience with LANs allows us to think ahead and avoid common pitfalls:

  • We think about what will serve you 3-5 years ahead, not just today

  • We reinforce the weakest points of your network

  • We keep you informed of any potential future issues

What If I Have An Issue with My Internet?

ISPs like to blame internet issues on their customers. We can fully test your LAN to put the ball back in their court and get the problem fixed fast!

If we suspect that your company has an internet related issue, we can work with your internet service provider (ISP) to resolve the issue. We know the right questions to ask. ISPs often blame internet issues on their customers by saying that the customer's equipment is at fault. We know when to indulge them and when to call their bluff. Our experience lets us know when it's time to demand that the ISP resolve the issue. They may need to test their own equipment or send a technician to the customer's place of business. If there Is any doubt of who is at fault, we can fully test your LAN. At that point, if an ISP claims it's your problem, we can point the finger right back at them and get the problem fixed faster!

Give us a call so we can discuss your LAN related issues and concerns and get a better idea of how we can help you!