IT Services

Colbatech Solutions doesn't just do complex project work, we provide day to day IT services for small businesses. Our expertise includes desktop and laptop troubleshooting, malware removal, virus removal, virus protection, purchasing assistance, software and hardware upgrades and Windows Server support.

Desktop and Laptop Troubleshooting

IT Services Denver

Looking for an IT company that uses logic and detective skills to fix your computer issues?

We take pride in our extraordinary troubleshooting skills.

If you have an annoying software issue, laggy computer, error messages or your computer won't start, give us a call. Colbatech Solutions prides itself in extraordinary troubleshooting skills. We aren't just IT doctors, we are IT detectives that use logic and reasoning to find the source of an issue and stomp out the problem.

Malware Removal

Our malware removal process leaves your computer running like new.

Malware is different than viruses in that the term encompasses not only malicious software but software that causes ad pop-ups, false virus warnings, and general misbehaving computers. Malware removal requires different tools than virus removal to insure proper cleaning of the infection. Our malware removal process is highly effective. We stop the nagging issues caused by malware infections, leaving your computer running like new.

Virus Removal

We have a high rate of success in removing viruses without having to start from scratch.

Viruses comes in all shapes and sizes. They can encrypt files so that you can no longer access them, they can steal confidential data, slow computers and servers to a crawl, and chew up internet bandwidth. Some viruses cannot be removed without a full system refresh or restoring from a backup. However, at Colbatech Solutions we have a high rate of success in removing viruses without having to wipe your system clean, reload the operating system, drivers, programs, and data.

Virus Protection

We'll find the best antivirus for your organization

The best virus protection comes from knowing how to prevent your computer from being infected in the first place. However, it's still smart to have anti-virus running on your computer. Even the savviest of computer users can make a mistake, from time to time, that lets a virus slip through, and it's important to have this safety net in place. Colbatech has extensive experience with a number of antivirus solutions and can find the best one for your organization.

Purchasing Assistance

We'll make sure you get what you need the first time! We only recommend equipment that adds value to your organization.

Before you make any hardware or software purchases talk to us first. We'll make sure you get what you need the first time without any hassles. We have experience with a number of laptops, servers, and desktops as well as the software that runs on them. We know from experience what is the most reliable and what provides the least long-term headaches. We don't recommend hardware and software that makes us the most money, we don't have stock in the vendors we recommend, we recommend them to add value to your organization and keep the problems away as much as possible.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

Our process ensures a smooth upgrade.

When it's time to upgrade, whether it be for compliance, features, or compatibility, we've got you covered. Every upgrade project is planned to minimize down-time, mistakes, and headaches. Our process ensures a smooth transition through all your upgrades.

Windows Server Support

IT Services Denver

Looking for an IT company qualified to give you the level of support you deserve?

We're Microsoft Certified at the highest level to assist with a large variety of server issues.

Small businesses running Windows Server know that it can be both a blessing and a cause of increased complexity. We'll help you leverage your server to maximize its effectiveness as a tool that boosts the productivity of your organization. If you have issues with your Windows Server we're Microsoft Certified at the highest level to assist with a large variety of server related issues.

Whether your computer-related issues are big or small, your IT needs vary from day-to-day, or you need a long-term partner to help your IT environment adapt to a changing world, we'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns and ideas surrounding your IT infrastructure. We'll quickly go to work to make sure you receive the highest level of service available.