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Here at Colbatech, providing great IT services is second nature to us. Owner Barry Robbins holds over 15 years of experience forged from backgrounds in network administration, network engineering, and systems administration. In the past he has worked for a Fortune 500 company, a fast growing medium-sized business catering to such companies as IBM, Motorola, Hitachi and Fujitsu, and a local non-profit of around 150 employees requiring daily server, desktop, hardware, and software support. He also hold several IT certifications; MCSE, MCSA: Messaging, Network+, Security+ and A+. These certifications as well as a sixth sense towards troubleshooting create a well-rounded background suitable for handling a wide variety of IT issues requiring network, software, hardware, operating system or server support.

Our Mission

Every job provides value to our clients by identifying core needs and providing IT solutions to thoroughly address those needs.

Our Values

  • We always strive to fix the problem the first time

  • When you call us we'll answer the phone or call you back promptly

  • We'll do what we say we are going to do

  • We look out for our customers' best interests

Barry Robbins: Founder and Owner of Colbatech Solutions, LLC

IT Companies in Denver

Barry Robbins

Barry Robbins is founder and owner of Colbatech Solutions, LLC, an IT consulting practice that brings fast response and high quality IT care to small businesses.

Business ownership is in his blood. Barry's maternal grandfather, lovingly referred to as Papa by his grandchildren, immigrated to Canada from Russia when he was only 8 years old. In Canada he owned his own practice as a country doctor. He later moved with his family to the United States for more opportunities in his field and eventually owned his own practice as an ENT and plastic surgeon until he retired at the age of 72.

Barry's father, Mark Robbins, was a pioneer in the area of communications hardware and software. His contributions helped in the advancement of answering machines, modems, and computer to computer file transfer. He is referenced on Wikipedia for his contributions to the original Dial-A-Joke in 1971.

The business owner gene can also be found in 4 out of 4 of his first cousins. One is a real estate agent who is a partner in his own brokerage, one owns a high-end audio video installation company that serves professional athletes and actors in Los Angeles, one owns a solar installation company and nursing home, and one owns a prominent east coast bus transportation company. All of them are very successful in their respective businesses.

The Early Years

IT Companies in Denver

Barry with father, Mark Robbins, in 1982

Barry has been passionate about computers since the age of 7, specifically PCs (IBM or compatible as they used to be referred). The passion began when his dad got him the first computer he could call his own.

Father passed down knowledge to son showing him how to swap out parts, set jumpers, configure the operating system, and load programs. He also introduced him to his first adventure game, Space Quest 3 by Sierra (a genre which he still enjoys today).

He was instantly hooked and ran with it. What taught him the most were the games. If the games didn't work, the computer had to be fixed or upgraded. That often called upon learning and utilizing a broad spectrum of computer-related knowledge.

The Passion Continues

IT Companies in Denver

Barry in Yellowstone National Park in 1992

As Barry grew older, he continued to grow his knowledge of computers through new avenues. He took programming classes (which he never really enjoyed but which was his dad's specialty and passion) and he became President of the computer club at Cherry Creek High School.

In 2004, Barry graduated from the University of Denver where he studied International Studies and Business and studied abroad in Costa Rica and Spain.

In 2005, Barry's housemate introduced him to current friend and mentor Bill Roszel who was and has been a long-time IT professional and owner of his own IT consulting company in Erie, CO. When they first met, Barry was wearing a t-shirt that his dad had bought him while they were visiting the tech museum in Silicon Valley. On the front of the shirt was the top of a motherboard with all the chips, capacitors and other gadgets. On the back of the shirt was the bottom of the board and all of its soldering joints.

Bill said to him "anybody that is wearing a motherboard shirt needs a job from me." He told Barry if he got his MCSE certificate (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) he would give him a job.

Barry graduated from DU in 2004. In 2006 Barry went to school focusing specifically on IT. He holds a number of high end IT certifications.

Barry started school at New Horizon's Computer Learning Centers in Denver in early 2006 while working part-time as a PC hardware technician. In July of 2007 he received his MCSE along with several other certifications. The very next day he was brought on as a member of Bill's team! Bill plugged him in as a PC technician at a Mile High United Way with 150 computers and 140 staff members. He was responsible for the day to day support of desktop and laptop needs of these individuals. Through his time at the Mile High United Way, Bill coached him on a variety of technical and business skills that have been invaluable to him up until this day.

Over the next couple of years, Barry gained a variety of experience and perspective by working for a variety of companies ranging from small businesses, medium businesses, to a Fortune 500.

A New Chapter Begins

After being laid off twice in a short period of time, he realized that fate was telling him that he wasn't made for the corporate world. In June 2009 he started Colbatech Solutions (Colorado / Barry / Technology) knowing that he had more than enough knowledge in his field to get started. With the firm notion of serve not sell and the will to create a solid customer service experience, Colbatech Solutions has now been in business for 10 years and is consistently growing its customer-base while remaining responsive and maintaining high-quality IT support services.