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Are you overwhelmed with spam? We'll help you keep a cleaner inbox so you can focus on the emails that matter

Colbatech Solutions can implement, manage, upgrade and maintain small business environments running Microsoft Exchange 2003 through 2013 via our extensive experience and Microsoft certifications in this area. We are experts at solving frustrating email issues that stop you from sending and receiving emails. We can also help reduce spam in your environment through a number of different products and strategies. Owning an Exchange Server adds additional backup complexities and responsibilities. It's important to take this into consideration. We can help you decide if having your own Exchange server or outsourcing Exchange makes the most sense for you.


We'll guide you through the whole implementation process to insure success and understanding.

We can help you move from your old e-mail system to Microsoft Exchange. Whether you are coming from Google Apps, Lotus Notes, or a generic AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other popular account. If your organization is brand new to email we'll get you started and guide you through to success and understanding in using your email system.


We'll be there with you as your company changes.

Once your Exchange Server is in place, changes will need to be made as you add or remove employees, add additional offices or integrate services. We'll be there with you making the appropriate changes as your company changes.


Exchange Email Denver

Upgrading your email doesn't have to be scary. We'll guide you through a smooth transition

If you're already using Exchange but it's time for an upgrade, our process allow for minimal downtime and a smooth transition as we move from the old to the new.


Let us keep your Exchange Server running at peak performance.

Exchange Servers can break. Mailboxes can chew up drive space, expanding demand on servers can cause mail flow issues, and hardware failures can occur. Let us keep your Exchange Server running at peak performance, catch potential failures before they happen, keep Exchange secure via the latest security update and make sure your email backup continues to backup.

Exchange Backup

Exchange Email Denver

Consistent maintenance keeps your Exchange Server run like a well-oiled machine. That means fewer delays in sending and receiving important emails

If your Exchange server fails, you can still view, send and receive emails.

Owning an Exchange Server adds extra backup considerations. If an individual email goes missing, you should be able to easily restore that email. If a virus, hardware failure, natural disaster or disgruntled employee takes out your whole email server, you need to be able to restore the entire email database as close as possible to the point of failure. In addition, if your email server goes off-line for even a short period of time, it's important that your organization still receives the messages customers are sending during that down-time. We can make sure those messages are queued up and ready to be delivered to your mail server as soon as it comes back on-line. We can even provide a secondary source for accessing email in the event your primary email server is temporarily off-line.

We Promote What Makes Sense for You

Owning an Exchange Server doesn't make sense for everyone. We can provide you with the same features that that an Exchange Server provides without all the upfront infrastructure cost. This effectively makes Exchange Server an operational expense instead of a capital expense. It's the difference between ownership and renting.

If you're looking for a long-term partner to keep on-top of all your email needs, Colbatech Solutions is the perfect addition to your team.

Whether renting an Exchange Server is right for you depends on a number of factors including comfort level, compliance needs, size of company, and the need for integration with other applications.

Whether you need a quick fix to get your mail flowing properly or are looking for a long-term partner to keep on-top of all your email needs, Colbatech Solutions is the perfect addition to your team. Give us a call today to discuss your email needs.