Email Services

Colbatech Solutions can assist with just about any email related issue.

The modern office communicates much differently from the retro offices of the past. Say goodbye to delayed and unclear communication by letting Colbatech Solutions troubleshoot or upgrade your office's email software! Email is a necessary component of the 21st-century office, and in most offices it's the number one way to communicate both with employees and clients. Instead of fighting with slow, malfunctioning, or outdated email providers, let Colbatech Solutions provide quality and efficient email services in Denver.

Finding Better Email Services in Denver

Email Services Denver

Are you frustrated trying to manage your email, calendar and contacts from multiple devices?

Email problems lead to stress - and your workday is already busy enough without communication problems. Instead of wasting time fighting with email software or losing business because of failing email networks, let Colbatech Solutions help. It may be time to give us a call if:

  • You aren't receiving emails from clients or employees

  • Clients or employees aren't receiving your emails

  • You need to begin archiving emails for compliance or regulatory reasons

  • You need to upgrade a current email system

  • You are bombarded with spam or malicious emails

  • You're unsure of how to change your company's email domain name (the part after "@")

  • You're concerned about email security

Unsure About Denver's Best Email Service Solutions?

Our email services pay for themselves many times over through the efficiency they bring to your business!

Your company's options for email services have grown. Colbatech Solutions is skilled at identifying your needs and determining the best email service solution. Many of our clients are unsure about whether on-site or hosted email services are best.

On-Site Email: With on-site email, you own the equipment and software for your company's email needs, granting you more control. You'll be responsible for managing backups and the capital expense of purchasing equipment. In most cases, on-site email is best suited for companies with more than 20 employees.

Hosted Email: Also called cloud-based email, hosted email only costs you the operating expense and saves the cost of purchasing email equipment and software. With hosted email, you'll have less control over the email system, but a third-party handles the backup process, saving some headaches. Hosted email is perfect for companies with fewer than 20 employees.

Providing Enterprise-Grade Email Services in Denver

Colbatech Solutions also offers assistance with enterprise-grade email services. This form of email provides many office-related solutions that can save time and money down the road, including calendar, contacts and to-do list integration, scheduling assistance and syncing between devices. Enterprise-grade email services are great for businesses of all sizes and are perfect for on-the-go businesses that need more flexibility than their current email services provide. Enterprise email is an option to consider if:

  • You want an assistant or employee to respond to emails, but are concerned about handing over an email password

  • You need easier solutions for real-time calendars and scheduling, as well as contact sharing

  • You want to elevate your business with your own domain name - no more, or email addresses

  • You are concerned about how your emails are backed up and secured

Colbatech Solutions can help with nearly any email-related issue that is bogging down your business' inward and outward communication. Contact us for more information on how we can optimize your system and about how we provide email services in Denver.