Colbatech Solutions Denver - Testimonials

Barry has helped me with several IT issues at my clinic. He is always on time for an appointment and spends ample time working on the solution. Barry is a great problem solver and takes the time to explain the issues to me so that I understand the problem and the solution. It is easy to contact him and he is quick to respond. I would highly recommend Barry for any IT problems you experience. He will also help you avoid future IT issues by being proactive now.
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value

Tracey Cannon, Denver Pain Free

Wow how do I start telling you how wonderful Barry is. He came to our rescue several times. He takes the time to correct our IT issues as well as educate us on what he is doing. Barry also made it a point to prevent us from future challenges . He always goes the extra mile. My husband and I trust him personally and professionally.
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value

Brigitte Ades, Send Out Cards

We have hired Barry to do network setup, diagnostics and repair as well as PC and hardware consulting. He helped configure our network, install very complex software applications, and assist us with our hardware concerns. Barry is a wizard, highly reliable and affectionately referred to as "The Vulcan" by our staff.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Robert Stevens, Technology Partners

I called on Colbatech at a crucial point during the expansion of my firm. I had just hired two new employees and had a horrible electronic infrastructure in place. They were very quick to respond and solved more issues than I believe I had. They understood my needs and designed a plan based on both performance and functionality. Now my system is working seamlessly, and I am amazed that I didn't have to purchase some expensive hardware to make this all possible. We are an accounting firm that is 100% paperless, I could not have achieved this level of comfort with our system without Colbatech Solutions, LLC.

Patrick W. Gonzales, GA Consulting

Bernadette Hunter - Powerful Performance

Barry is not only a remarkable, reliable, highly efficient IT expert, but he is also a kind, ethical, responsible, wonderful person. I highly encourage you to check out Barry for helping you with your computer problems! He has fixed things quickly for me when others could not. Prompt, reliable, and fixes your computer!!! Nice to boot - what else could you want?

Bernadette Hunter, Powerful Performance

We hired Barry to essentially serve as our IT department -- we are a small virtual firm with people spread out across the country. He is extremely knowledgeable on a range of IT issues and considerations, but also open and clear about what he does not know and a very quick study when he needs to explore options and develop solutions. He does an extremely good job relating to poeple with varying levels of computer literacy to understand their problems and needs. His services are reliable, efficient, and effective. Barry has also been extremely flexible, working around our busy schedules and even adjusting his billing practices to meet our needs. In summary, Barry has become the standard by which we judge all our outsourcing arrangements; I recommend him without reservation.

Craig Secrest, High Street Consulting Group

John Oxford - A-Power Electric Service

I hired Barry to update my office computers, help implement my new service program, centralize all functions of my business. The outcome has been wonderful as I feel my business has more fluidity. From the first phone call on what direction to start to the finishing touches on problems that occurred Barry was able to handle and tackle anything. Thanks again Barry on a job well done!

John Oxford, A-Power Electric Service

I used Barry to help my small business work through a very time intensive and urgent computer issue we were having and he not only provided me a great solution, he did so at a great price and he turned it around in 24 hours. Barry is my go to for all IT related jobs and would recommend him to any small business owner.

Ryan Goral, Collegiate Peaks Bank

Paul Miller - St Baldrick

Ever have that magic moment on a weekend when your computer screen turns BLUE!!!!??? and it won't come back.. it comes back and everything looks like it disappeared? That happened to me on a Friday evening. I called Barry and met with him Saturday morning.. he found a virus and was able to recover everything.. and I had the computer back late that afternoon and was able to get important things done for Monday morning. His Service and Expertise is exceptional.

Paul Miller, St Baldrick's Foundation

Barry is so great at his job. I am inherently suspect of outside services because of quality control, making sure the value is worth it, making sure we are driving ahead of the curve and not just catching up etc. Barry excels at providing all of these intangible aspects and more with regards to managing our I.T. universe. We have been working with Barry for years now and he has handled large projects like a server move to small problems like computer trouble shooting with ease. He goes way beyond just knowing I.T. but understands what our business needs to run and makes sure his I.T. work helps us toward that goal. Finding a good I.T. person is like finding a good mechanic; It is hard as heck but once you do it is pure gold. Highly recommend Barry!

Tyler Warner, Hanna Warner & Associates

My hard drive went out in my laptop. I was extremely stressed about it. Barry ordered me a new laptop, was able to retrieve my data from my old laptop and then set up my new laptop to look EXACTLY like my old laptop! I had to go without a computer for a few days, but it was SO worth it to have Barry just take over! I highly recommend Barry for your small business. He is a life saver! He is so knowledgeable about every aspect of computers. He knows the in's and out's of everything and patiently explains it in ENGLISH to the "layperson." Don't hesitate to trust Barry with all of your IT needs!

Anne Barrington, The Barrington Group