Backup Software

Backup Software Denver

Do you have complete trust in your backup software to protect your company's data?

We recognize that the right backup software is part of any great back-up strategy. We are familiar with a variety of products that provide the best results under a variety of circumstances.

Why Is It Important to Have the Right Backup Software?

  • Not all backup software is equal. The right software provides a more reliable backup which has a greater probability of providing a successful restore of data.

  • It's important to have an email notification system that reports the success or failure of a backup.

  • In a pinch it can be helpful to have solid support from the backup software provider. Not all companies have good customer service.

  • There are different price points with different sets of features that you may or may not need.

Backup Software is Just a Piece of the Equation

These other components are also important in an overall backup strategy.

  • Restoration plan - backing up is easy, restoring the data can be more difficult

  • Off-site copies of data - the threat of a flood, fire, theft or natural disaster necessitates an off-site backup of your company data

  • Storage media - the reliability of the media storing the backups is of utmost importance

If you are looking for a backup software solution for your organization, we also encourage you to take a look at the other aspects of your backup solution. Give us a call so we can start helping you feel better about protecting your company's most important asset... data.