Auto Backup

Auto Backup Denver

Why not automate your backup? One less thing to worry about.

Are you backing up your data manually by copying it to an external drive every so often? Would you like it if you didn't have to remember to do this?

Let Colbatech Solutions find the best automatic backup solution for your needs and habits.

There are many solutions out there for auto backup of your data. The most important thing is that your data is backed up consistently and frequently. You need to know if the backup is successful or if the backup fails so that any failures can be corrected.

Auto Backups Can Take The Form Of:

  • On-site backups to external drives, tapes or network attached storage devices

  • Cloud-based backups that can backup files multiple times per day

  • Backups of individual files and emails

  • Complete snapshots of your entire hard drive that make a complete system rebuilds easy

Your time is valuable, stop backing up your data manually. More likely than not there is an auto backup solution for you and your company. Talk to us today to add more convenience to your life while reducing the worry of forgetting the next backup.